Joyful June

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As an expat, June has always been a bittersweet month, looking forward to the summer holidays and seeing family, but also saying goodbye to friends who you have been close to and shared your life in your country of choice. June is that time of year when families start moving, exams finished, school year over, looking ahead to the next location on their global travels or anxious about returning home to a place that is no longer the same as when they left. 

With this in mind, I have come up with six things to do in this sixth month to being joy to yourself and others.

One: Thank someone

Think of someone who has brought a smile to your face this year and write them a note, a WhatsApp or a message to say thank you for what they have done and how they have made you feel. For your friend, it will be unexpected and a delight to have been recognized and for you this will bring a recognition of some nice things people have done for you.

Two: Make a plan to do something you enjoy

People are busy, but while you maybe waiting for them to call and make a plan, they maybe waiting for you to do the same. Building close relationships improves our levels of happiness and wellbeing and sharing experiences gives us memories to savour.

Three: Find one thing that brings you happiness each day

For me, today it is finding a new cafe that has paper straws instead of plastic, yesterday it was having a new client calling me and having a lovely conversation on the phone. It may be listening to the birds singing or finding that perfect app on your phone. It will be personal to you alone.

Four: Look through some of your favorite photos

While ruminating is not good for our wellbeing, according to researchers, reminiscing is. Focus on the good times you have had in the past and share the memory with someone who was there. Spread the joy a little.

Five: Do something playful

Bring out the child in yourself and walk barefoot along the shore or book yourself for a zip line experience. It doesn’t matter what it is, just enjoy yourself!

Six: Share a  meal

Cook (or order in) your favorite meal and share it with someone whose company you enjoy. Put your phone on silent and really enjoy the flavors of the food and the  conversation with that person. 

Take time for yourself. Stop life for a moment. I like this quote as I feel it sums up what we often miss while rushing to get things done.

“Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things” Robert Brault 

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