I’m Petra Walker

What if you could tap into the drive and resources within yourself to feel up for the challenge and make your dreams your reality?

Petra Walker
Support is vital. Here is Sarah Jepson of Sixdegrees supporting me recently

Personal development takes energy and time. Even when life is ‘normal’, we often do not feel we have the support structure that we need to allow us to take that one step back and get everything in perspective once more. 

As a coach, I believe everyone has the potential to develop and grow. But it does take effort and you will probably need some support. 

Together we can uncover your own resources, and supportive structures, identify which you can draw on and where you may want to make changes as you develop and grow.

Step by step we can make real progress towards making your hopes and desires your reality.


“Nobody wants to show you the hours and hours of becoming. They’d rather show you the highlight of what they’ve become.”

Angela Duckworth

Engaging a coach allows you to take that step back, face your fears, be vulnerable in a safe space, and learn new techniques that can help you live a more successful and more fulfilling life. Engaging a Chartered Coaching Psychologist allows you to know that all the coaching tools and techniques used with you have a strong evidence base for getting the results you need. 

Think and Reflect

Coaching will give you space to think and reflect


Coaching will uncover your values, your strengths and your limiting beliefs


Coaching will allow you to explore new opportunities


Together we can move forwards

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