Positive Leadership
Development Coaching

As a Chartered Coaching Psychologist specialising in Positive Leadership Coaching, I help female managers and business owners to navigate transitions confidently and authentically so they can thrive.

With over 18 years of coaching experience, and four years of coaching on INSEAD Leadership Development Courses, I can help you take the next step in your leadership journey with my Positive Leadership Coaching. In these sessions, you will explore your emotional intelligence, your values, strengths and beliefs, before focusing on how these factors affect your interactions with others and your own behaviour and mindset.

I can help you be your authentic self, without appearing soft. 

Of course, if there is a pressing goal that you are currently focused on, we will work flexibly to give you the reflective space you need: that helicopter view that is often squeezed out of the normal working day.

Positive Leadership Coaching can also take the form of Corporate Leadership Development Workshops and Retreats.

Positive Leadership Development Coaching

For an exploratory conversation about Positive Leadership Development Coaching or Executive Coaching:

Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology Coaching

“Character strengths are the positive parts of your personality that make you feel authentic and engaged”

VIA, 2021

Are you feeling tired, under or overwhelmed? Or just lost your mojo?

In these positive psychology coaching sessions, we will draw from evidence based positive psychology tools to improve your resilience, increase your engagement, and build your confidence. For example, by discovering and working with your strengths we will give you an immediate boost to confidence, positive emotions, and engagement. 

Together we will work towards improving both your wellbeing and performance in whatever area of your life you want to work on.

My aim, when coaching is to give you the tools to move from languishing to thriving, making myself redundant in the process. You really are at the core of all our conversations. 

We can work flexibly, with one-off, weekly or fortnightly sessions available, depending on your needs.

Coaching in Nature

With more and more research telling us about the restorative properties of being in nature, or near water, I am offering some clients the opportunity of incorporating blue and green restorative spaces in some of my coaching sessions.

How we do this depends on you. We can meet and walk while we have our coaching session, or we can do this over zoom, and I can explain how when we discuss your needs. 

Contact me if you would like to talk about coaching walks on the Jurassic Coast, the riverside walk along the Exe, or creating half day or full day strengths and values visioning retreats.