Coaching for Adults

Moving towards a Flourishing Self
Are you just ticking over? Nothing particularly wrong but there really could be more? Many of us fail to flourish, despite there being every opportunity to do so. Unlock your ability to improve your well being by using evidenced-based positive psychology techniques and focusing on using your strengths, not your weaknesses. 

Coaching for Positive Change
Do you have a work/life balance problem? Maybe you have lost your direction or are new to Dubai and are having trouble finding your feet. There is always a time when we can do with a little help to make a positive change in your life. As your coach, I will be a non judgmental sounding board, asking those questions your friends and family won’t, challenging you to overcome the challenges you perceive and believing in you all the way. Whatever is stopping you from achieving your potential coaching can help you make positive changes in your life.

Career Coaching
Whether you are kick-starting your career; have a business idea you want to expand; are having trouble with your boss; or have simply reached a crossroads in your life, working with a coach can help you identify your goals, tackle the obstacles in your path and give you the tools to move forwards, not backwards.


Stress Management
Although some stress can be a positive motivational force, chronic, long term stress can have very negative consequences on our physical health and mental well-being, potentially resulting in raised blood pressure, headaches, ulcers and anxiety attacks.

In our coaching sessions, we will look at the sources of the stress you are under, your usual stress management techniques and work on improving the ways you use to deal with the stress in your life. This will increase your resilience and remotivate you to move forward.

Family Coaching

Families are more than the sum of the individuals that belong to them. They are a fluid system where positive and negative experiences affecting one member of the family can, and will, affect all the other members of the family group. Sometimes even the closest of families needs a little assistance, this is where an impartial and non-judgmental coach can help.

Family communications can often become strained during the teenage years and some gentle, friendly assistance can help you reopen channels of communication that may have become fractured. Coaching can help your family explore alternative ways to deal with crises and rebuild relationships. This can be done on an individual basis, or as a family group.